At Hynes & Associates, we continue our commitment to our clients even after they are awarded SSDI. Virtually all Social Security Disability Income recipients will be enrolled in Medicare after receiving SSDI payments for 24 months.

Unfortunately, original Medicare does not include prescription coverage, leaves you responsible for large deductibles and 20% of all medical costs. However, there are additional health plans available to Medicare Beneficiaries at little to no additional cost above what you pay for original Medicare. These Medicare Health plans drastically reduce your out-of-pocket medical and prescription costs, plus offer additional benefits such as vision and dental coverage, gym membership, non-emergency medical transportation, hearing aid coverage and much more!

Depending on your income, you may qualify for Extra Help from SSA to assist with Prescription drug costs. In addition, some low income recipients may qualify for one of the Medicare Savings Programs administered by the state of Georgia.

Mr. Hynes is a Medicare insurance broker and will personally explain all your options and can assist you in selecting a plan that best fits your needs. Because he already knows your medical history and Prescription drugs, there is no one better to help you through this important step. Best of all, this valuable assistance is available at no cost to you!

*Our Medicare Helpline is (678) 926-9322.